Ingenieursburo DTAB


Besides consultancy jobs for the steel processing industry we, at Ingenieursburo DTAB, represent  several suppliers of plate processing equipment. We offer Plasma cutting tables from Swift-Cut Automation and plate bending machines from Roccia Rundbiegen.



Swift-Cut Automation

Swift-Cut Automation was founded in 2011 and set out with one goal: to be the number one is the plasma cutting table market by manufacturing the highest quality product that provides outstanding value for money without compromise. At present, there are already more than 150 satisfied users of Swift-Cut Cutting tables in the United Kingdom and on the European mainland.

All cutting tables are equipped with the unique DTHC (Digital Torch Height Control) and DCC (Dynamic Cut Control) for the best cutting results in our market. Both technologies also ensure that the consumable life of the torch.

There are currently three plasma cutting tables in the delivery program of Swift-Cut:

Swift-Cut 1250

Swift-Cut 1250 Max. plate dimension : 1.250 x 1.250 mm

Swift-Cut 2500

Swift-Cut 2500 Max. plate dimension : 2.500 x 1.250 mm

Swift-Cut 3000

Swift-Cut 3000 Max. plate dimension : 3.000 x 1.500 mm


Roccia Rundbiegen

Progressive and a modern design combined with a state of the art technology. Roccia Rundbiegen is the supplier who has found the balance between productivity, versatility and accuracy in the field of hydraulic plate bending equipment.

With patent solutions like “op.time” for reducing the energy consumption, “Surf-on System” for installing the hydraulic plate bending machine without using a pit and smart, even to install in retro fit mode, CNC controllers.

The delivery program of Roccia Rundbiegen consists of:


HR3WR – 3 roll hydraulic plate bending machine


HR3WS – 3 roll hydraulic plate bending machine with variable geometry


HR4W – 4 roll hydraulic plate bending machine