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Swift-Cut 1250

Swift-Cut 1250

The smallest cutting table of Swift-Cut is the ideal cutting table for anyone who demands a perfect and precise cutting result but do not have the huge footprint for the installation of a large cutting machine. Equipped with all the unique Swift-Cut technologies DTHC and DCC the Swift-Cut 1250 is a complete cutting machine ideal for technical schools, artists, fabricators and maintenance departments.



The Swift-Cut 1250 consists of:

Operators console with:

  • Powerful Windows PC with Intel i3 processor
  • LCD flat screen
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • USB and network connection
  • Central operation of the cutting table including the plasma source

Complete software package with:

  • CAD drafting programme
  • Sheetcam software for generating CNC codes
  • Swift-Cut software for operation the cutting table
  • Team-viewer software for online support and training

Robust steel frame with:

  • Water table for absorbing the fumes and sparks
  • Optional to be delivered as down draft table
  • Cutting area can be fully loaded with plate 1.250 x 1.250 mm
  • Dual drive Y axis
  • Smooth motion linear V wheels and guides for X and Y axis
  • Powerful hybrid stepper motors
  • Industrial cable chain
  • E-stop with key lock-out safety feature

For the detailed information please see theĀ Swift-Cut website.